Crafting jewelry with children – ideas for a nice afternoon

Crafting jewelry is very popular among children. Especially little girls like to design their hair clips or necklaces themselves. With the right accessories, jewelry crafting also works with the little ones!

Necklace or bracelet made of beads

girl making colorful bead braceletsA classic in jewelry crafting are necklaces or bracelets made of colorful beads. For safety reasons, children should not tinker with them alone, as the beads can be swallowed. Tinkering with the beads is a lot of fun and is not difficult, so that a sense of achievement quickly arises. Accessories are available, for example, at the wholesale jewelry supplies. It is important to get a suitable clasp that can be easily knotted to the chain or bracelet. It does not always have to be beads: The seeds of melons or apples are also suitable for necklaces and bracelets, but only for slightly older children.

Noodles and wooden beads

Noodles for jewelry making? It sounds strange at first, but it works! Macaroni can be broken into small pieces and tubular noodles are also suitable. The best way to combine the noodles is with wooden beads. To add color to the affair, both wooden beads and noodles can be painted colorfully with acrylic paint.

Buttons as jewelry material

Buttons are particularly suitable for making individual hair clips with them. The buttons are simply glued with gemstone glue on a plain hair clip and the jewelry is ready! Shiny or glittery buttons are good for this, but animals or flowers also look beautiful in the hair.

Tinker with shells

Shells are particularly suitable for jewelry making. These can be self-collected from the last vacation one, but it can also buy beautiful shells or snail shells for crafting. The shells can be threaded on a ribbon and used as a chain, or a shell becomes a special pendant. The shells, which can be found on the beach, are also suitable as hair ornaments. Glued onto hair clips, they become mermaid jewelry!

Use feathers

Feathers can also be either collected yourself or bought. You can buy them in many different colors. Feathers are particularly suitable for earrings. Since the little ones do not yet have ear holes, practical ear clips can be used. These look almost like real earrings and with the colorful feather jewelry on the ear, the children can feel like real ladies! However, feathers are also beautiful to create hair ornaments from them. For this, the feathers together with a few beads are attached to a string, which can then be wrapped around the braid of the ponytail or the chignon.
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