Clean more effectively with dry ice blast cleaning

Cleaning with dry ice is an ideal solution if you want to clean it properly. Compared to other cleaning methods, this cleaning has a profound effect, but is nevertheless gentle on any material. Also for these reasons, this cleaning method is so popular and is gladly carried out.

Dry ice blast cleaning allows for very accurate cleaning

With dry ice blast cleaning, virtually all common materials can be cleaned without any problems. The advantage is not only better and more effective cleaning. Especially with the details, this cleaning convinces and can deliver ideal results. By using dry ice, even the smallest details can be cleaned without much effort, and the material is treated very gently. This cleaning is therefore increasingly used in the commercial sector, but also in the private sector, and is often used. The advantages therefore again in the short overview:

  1. For details and complex surfaces, it is simply more effective
  2. She spares the material
  3. It can convince with an almost perfect result

In short, cleaning with dry ice is simply the better choice compared to the also popular high-pressure cleaning. It saves the material and is still able to deliver an optimal result.

Dry ice blast cleaning in the private and commercial sector

In the commercial sector, dry ice can be used to achieve an almost perfect result even in complex situations. The modern technology makes it possible that with this cleaning even industrial and commercial areas can be cleaned very quickly without much effort. What applies to the industry also applies, of course, to the private sector. Here, the dry ice convinces above all by its gentle way in which it achieves an optimal result. Even expensive materials can be cleaned with dry ice easily, quickly and effectively. Results are achieved that are significantly better than conventional cleaning methods and convince in direct comparison. Cleaning with dry ice is an ideal solution in the commercial and private sector and delivers convincing results at all times. Precisely because it spares the material, it can also be used in complex and demanding areas. This makes this technology an ideal solution in many situations.

Dry ice blast cleaning is often the best solution

If other types of cleaning are risky or could damage the material, cleaning with dry ice is often the only possible solution. This technology allows cleaning at coarse, light and medium soiling and, of course, cleaning of surfaces of all kinds. The possibilities that open up here are convincing and make this type of cleaning the perfect alternative to conventional cleaning methods. What other cleaners can not afford that creates a dry ice cleaner without any problems. It is handled like a high-pressure cleaner, but without damaging sensitive surfaces at high risk. On the contrary, even very sensitive materials can be provided with a new, clean gloss with dry ice without any problems. So everything speaks for cleaning with dry ice and shows that this is a real alternative to the conventional cleaning methods.

Where can dry ice blast cleaning be used?

Anywhere! Use in the private and commercial sectors is conceivable at any time and can be carried out without any problems. This type of cleaning is very popular, because it can eliminate many problem areas.

How much does dry ice blast cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning with dry ice is only slightly higher than cleaning with conventional methods. The higher costs result from the use of dry ice, which places a higher demand in production and storage.

How long does a dry ice blast cleaning take?

In no case longer than a cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner. With good handling, it is even much faster, and is still much better in the result. These are probably the best reasons for this type of cleaning. In practice, it is more than convincing and delivers tailor-made results.

Dry ice blast cleaning impresses in practice

With dry ice blast cleaning, virtually all types of materials and surfaces can be perfectly cleaned without damaging the material.

Thin Stone is decorative for home and your own land

Thin Stone is popular, looks good and can be used by you. No matter whether large-scale or only deliberately reduced used and determined as an eye-catcher. Wall, walkway, cladding or frame – the best solution can be found quickly for every taste and every architectural style.

Your chance for a special building material: Thin Stone

Sometimes it has to be something special. Perhaps you have been asking for some time how you can give your house, garage or garden that certain something? Then it might well be that you have already found what you are looking for. Although it is stone, it is perceived as particularly warm. A homely atmosphere is therefore given without hesitation. Make yourself comfortable and take advantage of the good online offer. You can easily choose and after only a few days you will be able to look forward to the newly designed ambience. You won’t want to miss this pretty hideaway any more. After all, it is a modern classic that still arouses interest and simply looks good in a few years‘ time, as will the admiring glances of your visitors.

A natural material with a noble character: Thin Stone

Natural materials always appeal to the buyer in particular. You want to use something beautiful that is durable and at the same time stressed. Thin Stone effortlessly fulfils these points. So you will be able to benefit from this investment in the long run. Enjoy the great look and ease of care every day. So don’t waste your precious time unnecessarily in complicated cleaning. The stone is low-maintenance, which is the high user-friendliness.

Thin Stone will meet your taste

Thin Stone is available in all shades and shades. Although it is a purely natural material, the stone looks very appealing and varied. The vibrancy of the material will quickly meet with goodwill from the viewer. So you can always discover something new and look forward to the successful furnishings. Thin Stone is particularly attractive in a light incision. This way you have a variety of design options to choose from. Consciously direct the viewer’s gaze and set new standards. In a reduced apartment, such compositions are popular and are often used. But the pure benefit factor should not be underestimated either. Create boundaries, share rooms or opt for a stylish staircase in the house. You can use the stone both indoors and outdoors. This promotes your flexibility, which the interested user definitely appreciates. In the shop you can see the offers clearly listed. Find the right offers for yourself and make your living space even more beautiful.


What is charred wood siding

Charred wood siding is a new trend of woodworking. Although it has a long tradition in Asia. Architects and builders of today like to use it to plan residential buildings or other houses. They like to combine it with other materials

GoodWood GmbH
The production of folded wood

Charred wood siding is a wood panelling that has a unique effect. The naturalness and appearance of the material makes architect’s hearts beat faster. There are hardly any limits to creativity.

Dry Ice Cleaning: innovative cleaning process

Dry Ice Cleaning is an innovative process and form of carbon dioxide purification. You can use dry ice and compressed air flow to clean or clean surfaces. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. The process is similar to plastic bead blasting and sand blasting or soda blasting. However, the surface is effectively cleaned with the accelerated material (dry ice pellets) along with the compressed air flow. The abrasive is dry ice in this method.

Odorless and non-toxic: Dry Ice Cleaning

The method of Dry Ice Cleaning is odorless and non-toxic. Because the CO2 (carbon dioxide) in solidified form is a non-toxic gas that you do not smell. Also in the beverage industry it is added to the mineral water or the beer, so that the taste remains fresh for a long time and the durability is changed. The food industry uses it as well and the aircraft industry. It is used here for cooling sausages and meat. Dry Ice Cleaning uses dry ice. This occurs when liquid carbon dioxide is passed through a tank in a special machine (pelletizer) and relaxed there. Then the necessary dry ice is created. This medium is pressed at minus 78 degrees Celsius then by a template. The result then the dry ice pellets, which are about the size of a rice grain.

Remove dirt, grease and varnish

Dry ice blasting can be used, among other things, to remove dirt, grease or varnish and other coatings on all surfaces. A big advantage is that Dry Ice Cleaning completely sublimes the dry ice pellets after blasting. This dry ice cleaning method is used industrially as an effective method. Only the removed dirt remains. The waste is so much less and it also saves time. The operating principle of dry ice blasting is simple. With the dry ice blasting machines, the dry ice pellets accelerate to about 1000 km / h. That’s the speed of sound. This is blasted onto the work piece to be cleaned. The physical factors are important for the effect of the process.

Fascinating cleaning method

This fascinating cleaning method will be used with increasing awareness of modern technology in ever new applications. It has become established in many industries. For example, in the aircraft industry or in the food industry. Automated dry ice blasting is also becoming increasingly popular. You always want clean surfaces? This is especially important in the manufacturing industry. This also plays an important role in the automotive industry and in the aircraft industry. Everything should not be clean, but very clean. The surface quality requirements are increasing. They must be free of grease and without fingerprints and micro particles before they are generally coated. However, dry ice blasting systems and techniques are also used in medical technology and micro technology. Dry Ice Cleaning is becoming increasingly popular within the industry.

Dry Ice Cleaning from White Lion

What exactly is meant by Private Label?

At Private Label it is important that this business model is growing very fast. However, many people do not know exactly what is meant by this term. The English name means translated simply trademarks and behind it are products that are made for dealers and then provided with their own brand. A dealer then sells the goods produced by the manufacturer. The sale takes place however under own flag and as own commodity.

What is to be considered for Private Label?

Many people dream of their own products and the sale should take place with the brand, which was created specifically. However, many people do not know exactly how it should work. Hardly anyone owns their own factory for the products to be made in it. Also, many people do not know how the products can be made. Even if there are tips, material and machines cost so much money that most of them are not available. Private Label is a solution if you do not want to do without your own products. Private label is nothing new and there has been a long history of this brand name business. Especially the food stamps of the larger supermarket chains can be mentioned here. At about forty percent, the total turnover of the brands is estimated when the food industry is considered. It is therefore really a big business model.

Important information for private label

Supermarkets are then not the manufacturer of the products, but the production takes place at other large manufacturers or makes. The products are then created without a brand and then this is offered to the trading companies. The products are branded for sale by sellers or retailers. Finished products are then sold to the trading companies and they have the opportunity to sell the products to end customers as their own products. A trading company is then legally the manufacturer of the products on the market and thus the responsibility of the products is taken over. This is important for private labels, because the duties and rights must then be met. The trading companies are then not tied to the manufacturers and so new producers can be searched and the brand is not in danger. In many cases, even on the multiple manufacturers and so products are supplied by some manufacturers and always stands the brand in the end then. Unbranded products can thus be purchased from Private Label and these are branded and then sold ready.


Dry Ice Blasting – Surface cleaning with dry ice

Usually water is used to clean things, but not every object is allowed to get wet, and water is not abundant everywhere. So it is well known that in the desert sand instead of water used for cleaning. Similarly, especially in construction, the technique of sandblasting is used to clean or decorate surfaces. In Germany, however, this is prohibited. That is why in this country usually the gentler Dry Ice Blasting is used. But what does Dry Ice Blasting actually mean and what are its benefits?

The term Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is once again one of those annoying English technical terms. Dry means dry. As already mentioned above, Dry Ice Blasting does not use water, but does not use any other liquid. Ice is called ice cream and yes, we are talking about dry ice or, more precisely, dry ice in German, which is used instead of the sand when sandblasting. Blasting is the act of blasting where something, in our case the dry ice, is blown at high pressure on a target, like the surface to be cleaned. Dry Ice Blasting can be translated as dry ice blasting and that is actually the correct German term for it.

dry ice

But what is dry ice? Usually, when we hear the word ice, we think of frozen water. The water ice represents the solid form of the water and is therefore as dry as water can be. However, as soon as the ambient temperature reaches and exceeds 0 ° C, the water begins to liquefy and becomes wet. The so-called dry ice is also a solid form, namely the carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide does not have the habit of melting like water, but of sublimating. This means that it goes directly from the solid to the gaseous state without becoming liquid in between. So it always stays dry. However, the aggregate state transition already occurs at -78.48 ° C, a temperature that we do not experience on Earth under natural circumstances.

The benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

So why use surface treatment as much as dry ice when it comes to sand? In fact, other substances than sand and dry ice are used for blasting. However, sandblasting was the first beam technique invented and sand is relatively easy to obtain and operate. However, fine fumed silica is blown into the air which, if it is inhaled too often, can lead to silicosis, the so-called pneumoconiosis. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, is a natural component of the air and the metabolic product of our breathing. With sufficient presence of oxygen, it is safe. In addition, the Dry Ice Blasting dry ice pellets are softer and thus gentler for the irradiated material.

Tube clamp is the most simple clip to attach the skeg and rudder tubes

At the latest, when the washing machine or dishwasher must be connected, it must not be missing at the tube clamp. The connector can be found in almost every household where the devices mentioned are connected because they connect the tube of the terminals with the siphon & Co. Of course, the field of application of a tube clamp is versatile and not only due to washing machines, etc., but it is most prevalent in private homes. Who waived these, will not get around a water damage in the washing machine and dishwasher around it, because the tube is not firmly connected to the drain. Because that’s exactly what the tube clamp is so important.

A tube clamp costs nothing in comparison to the water damage

tube_clampIf you would like to save the costs of a tube clamp, you should consider this step well again. In particular, if it is sparingly not to be found on the tail of the washing machine and dishwasher tube. Water damage costs more in the end and is much more uncomfortable than going to the hardware store around the corner and getting the tube clamp. It is in any case enormously important in the private household and may not be missing when connecting certain devices. Incidentally, it can also be found in traditional launderettes, so it is not only at home, in the basement, in the garden or elsewhere that it is necessary to have this clamp for the tubes. And compared to water damage, a few euros are certainly well invested or right?

A tube clamp can be used for different applications

Whether tube clamp for the household, tube band or double wire trowel. There are different tube clamps, which are also different robust and used accordingly. Both in the car you can find types of tube clamps, as well as in the industry, kitchen, laundry and more. It makes all the more sense to point out the importance and not to forget that without the tube clamps often something would go wrong, is not operational and more. The costs of the tube clamps vary a little, in particular due to the different typing and fields of application. For the household tube clamp, only a few cents to Euro will be necessary, for cars a little more and in the industry it is also about the dimension, which can lead to more expensive conditions.

Whoever did not know what the connection piece between tube and siphon was called on the washing machine or dishwasher, now knows. It is the well-known tube clamp. This comes in many areas of application to the fore and thus can vary in size, expensive and robust, but it is considered an important piece and colloquially just called tube clamp. Now it will be like many of the scales fall from the eyes, because actually at least every household has a tube clamp in petto.

Sodium dehydroacetate is the sodium salt of dehydroacetate


Sodium dehydroacetate is an antimicrobial ingredient used as preservative. Sinofi is your first choice to buy Sodium Dehydroacetate preservative at a low E266 Sodium Dehydroacetate price. Anticoagulant effect of sodium dehydroacetate (DHA-S) in rats. Dehydroacetic Acid DHA: Also known as Sodium Dehydroacetate. We provide high quality Sodium Dehydroacetate in cosmetics and food industries. It should be safe to use Sodium Dehydroacetate in food for newborns and pregnant.

You can find out more about the organic ingredients that go into the best skin products for aging skin by visiting my web site. Indeed, sodium dehydroacetate is commonly used as a food preservative and as a stabilizer and preservative of cosmetic products. We continously monitor the E266 Sodium Dehydroacetate price trend in market and provide you with the best Sodium Dehydroacetate price. The chemical, sodium dehydroacetate (Na-DHA) (CAS No. 4418-26-2) is a salt resulting from dehydroactic acid (DHA) (CAS No. 520-45-6) reacting with one molecule of sodium hydroxide. Sodium dehydroacetate (Na-DHA), which has preservative and antimicrobial effects, is used as food and feed additive. SODIUM DEHYDROACETATE reacts with acids. Sodium Dehydroacetate and Dehydroacetic Acid are used as preservatives in cosmetic formulations at concentrations of 1.0 percent or less. Sinofi is a leading Sodium Dehydroacetate supplier and manufacturer. We provide high quality high quality Sodium Dehydroacetate in cosmetics and food industries.

What you need to know

T/T or LC. If you want to buy Sodium Dehydroacetate preservative at a favorable E266 Sodium Dehydroacetate price, please feel free to contact us. Studies on the teratogenic potential of sodium dehydroacetate in rats. The antimicrobial properties of Dehydroacetic Acid and Sodium Dehydroacetate have led to their widespread use in cosmetics and personal care products. Both sodium dehydroacetate and sodium borate are relatively inert products that do not attack glass, plastics or other products commonly used in scientific equipment. Sodium Dehydroacetate was found to exhibit minimal eye irritation. Final report on the safety assessment of Sodium Dehydroacetate and Dehydroacetic Acid.

Last infrmations

Last, but not least, there are the preservatives such as paraben and sodium dehydroacetate which, again, have nothing to do with your skin and everything to do with the shelf-life of product. Sodium dehydroacetate is a globally approved preservative for cosmetics and toiletries (leave-on and rinse-off products). Sodium Dehydroacetate, E266, CAS no.4418-26-2, white powder, sodium salt of dehydroacetic acid. Let’s face it. It makes sense to believe that the best skin products for aging skin are organic.

To use dry ice, the right dry ice blasting equipment and dry ice blasting machines have to be used

Dry ice blasting equipment might be utilized to virtually all sorts of dirt. The blasting materials of our dry ice blasting tools is frozen CO². Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary blasting methodology that makes use of small, compact dry ice pellets because the blasting material. Many individuals don’t understand that dry ice blasting can be utilized on so many various applications in a food processing facility. Dry Ice Blasting is especially effective at cleaning industrial and manufacturing tools. Dry ice blasting is a brand new type of non-abrasive blasting for industrial cleaning purposes. Dry ice blasting equiment has a wide range of cleaning functions.

As a substitute, dry ice blasting tools is normally available or contractor companies may be used. We now have two completely different capability dry ice blasting machines available for rent. There are also many producers of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Gear that offer coaching and lease-buy of their gear. The chance to have the dry ice blasting gear pay for itself has never been higher.

Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary cleaning know-how. Dry ice blasting is understood by several names: dry ice blasting, dry ice cleaning, CO2 blasting, dry ice dusting, and even environmentally sustainable cleaning. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and will not harm delicate equipment. Dry ice blasting propels pellets of dry ice at excessive speeds. Conventional Dry Ice Blasting: That is essentially the most available form of dry ice blasting and uses rice-sized particles of dry ice that disappear on influence.

Since it’s non-abrasive, dry ice blasting is not going to harm crucial tools. The Dry Ice Blasting course of is superior to blasting with sand, glass beads and different types of cleaning strategies for numerous reasons. Dry ice blasting is much like cleaning or blasting with sand but with a significant distinction. There are various totally different dry ice blast cleaning programs to supply. Regional Supplier of Dry Ice Products and Dry Ice Companies.

Chilly Jet provides probably the most progressive and reliable dry ice blasting methods on the market. Also not like other blasting media types…dry ice blasting leaves no hazardous material to get rid of at a huge expense! Dry Ice Blasting companies are offered on-website and thru in-home blasting amenities. Dry ice blasting permits cleaning to be carried out whereas machines are running, without the need for dismantling. In terms of dry ice blasting machines not all are created equal.

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